Game Systems

Game Systems


This system allows you to automatically level up your character while you are offline.
You don't needto keep your game window open.
The system works similary to MU Helper.

How do you use /offlevel
1. Go to your Farm or Level Up Spot
2. Setup your Mu Helper Skills 
3. Start MU Helper
4. Type /offlevel


You need enough zen to run Mu Helper >> OFF-LEVEL !

After your window is closed, a message will appear on your Personal Store [OFF-LEVEL / AFK]

How it works
The character stays on the spot
Uses Basic skill every 0,5 sec
Uses HP potion
Repair item
Offlevel does not collect any items
When the character is killed, it will moved to a
 Safe Zone ( You are not immortal in off-level !)

Turn off / offlevel
When you log in, you will see a warning:
Your account is already connected.

Re-enter your login to get the game (/ off level is already off)


Anti-lag system

Adds anti-lag system which was developed for purpose of reducing MU special effects and other resource heavy features while playing events where performance matters.

Key features:

  • [SHIFT + 1]: Hide Wings
  • [SHIFT + 2]: Reduce Skill Effect
  • [SHIFT + 3]: Reduce Item Effect
  • [SHIFT + 4]: Hide Ground Zen
  • [SHIFT + 5]: Hide Ground Item
  • [SHIFT + 6]: Hide Muun Pet
  • [SHIFT + 7]: Hide Chars and Shadows
  • [SHIFT + 8]: Hide Skill Effect
  • [SHIFT + 9]: Reduce Item Shine to +0
  • [SHIFT + 0]: Reduce terrain objects



Offtrade is in-game market system that allows you sell items for WCoins or Jewels after you close your client.
Offtrade works only in Loren Market.

How do you use /offtrade
1. Open your personal store

2. Put your item to personal store

3. Right click on item

4. Set price (Zen (Wcoins), Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Chaos)

5. Type your store name and Open

6. Type /offtrade in chat



7. Then your character gets disconnect.

Items where you set ZEN will be sale for WCoins




Switch Mode 

Use ctrl + F to switch the game window to power saving mode

1. game display interval (in seconds) - longer interval, less CPU load
2. click to exit power saving mode, or use ctrl + F again


Basic control


1. Behavior of a character during a fight:
Use regular attack
Use skills closely It does not matter whether it's a close or distant spell, comes to the opponent before attacking.
Long-Distance counter attack If the attacker attacks the player, MU Helper will repress the attack, even if the opponent is outside the set reach of the MU Helper.
Original position after a set time (square with a number - in seconds) the character returns to the position where MU Helper was started.
Potion - after checking it will use HP bottles if HP drops below the set level (The setting to the right is set 10%-100%).
Attack Spell:With a click, he offers a choice of active Spell > 6
Buff - Buff. When it is finished, it will automatically reapply to the player or to all players.

Combination of attacks
Basic skill
Activation another attack according to pre-set conditions
x0 Set up conditions for additional attack
x1 It uses the attack every (number) seconds
x2 He uses an attack by the number of monsters
Monster Within Hunting range Number of monsters in MU Helper attack area
Monster Attacking Me The number of monsters that attack you (even if they are leading you do not have to attack you)
x3 Sub-con setting the number.
Example: Over 3 mobs - if there are 2 monsters, MU helper uses Basic Skill. When spawne 3 and more, MU helper automatically switches to activation skill and will use it if the number of monsters does not drop below 3.
Good to set the skill that consumes stamina and you do not have enough to be run non-stop ..

x4 Attack debuff uses every (number) seconds in the presence of monsters. For example, Summoner skill to reduce opponent defense

Setting collection

1. Setting collection
2. Range - Area collection
3. Repair Item - Auto repairing items that you are wearing.
4. Pick All Near Item - Collects all the items
5. Pick Selected Item - Collect a certain kind of objects
6. Add Extra Item - Collect objects by the names

A distinction is case sensitive.
You can write whole names or only a part.
Gold Medal - Gets only Gold medal
medal - Gold and Silver medal

Medal - does not collect anything (capital letter M)



Event map and minigames rewards are stored in Gremory Case!
Items buy from shops are stored in Gremory Case too!

Opening Gremory Case
- There are two ways to open the Gremory Case.

1. Icon on menu bar
- Click green bag icon to open a menu
- Select Gremory Case in the menu bar.
2. Hot key
- Hot key for Gremory Case is “K.”



Click the item you want to receive from Gremory Case.
- Confirmation window pops up when you click the item. If you click OK button, the item
will be sent to your inventory.
- If there is not enough space in your inventory, receipt will be canceled!

Maximum Capacity of Gremory Case
- If the number of item exceeds the maximum capacity of Gremory Case, item
will be deleted in chronological order from the first item stored.

- You cannot receive the items which are expired.
- Items in your Gremory Case will be available for ONLY 7 days


1. Click on the "Divide" button in your Inventory.


2. With the cursor being shown as a green hammer, click on the item you wish to divide.


3. Choose the amount of items to be taken from the stack.


4. Click "OK" and done! Your item will be placed on the first empty space of your inventory.

Jewel of Harmony can add different Additional Options based on the type of item it is used on.

List of Jewel of Harmony Options:

Strength Stat Increase
Agility Stat Increase
Energy Stat Increase
Attack Success Rate Increase
Attack Power Increase
Critical Damage Increase
Excellent Damage Increase
Skill Attack Power Increase
SD Reduction Rate Increase
5% of Mana Converted to Attack

Sets, shields:
Vitality Stat Increase
Defense Increase
Maximum AG Increase
Maximum HP Increase
Maximum MP Increase
Damage Reduction Increase
SD Ratio Increase
Convert 10% of Mana to Life

You can add options to 380lvl items.

If the combination will succeed, your Level 380 item will have pink options. However, if the combination will fail, the Jewel of Harmony & Jewel of Guardian will disappear but your Level 380 item will be left unharmed!

List of Pink Options:



SD Recovery Rate increase +20 Defense Success Rate increase +10


SD Auto Recovery

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Defensive Skill +200

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Max HP increase +200

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Max SD increase +700

Defense Success Rate increase +10


Additional Damage +200

Attack Success Rate increase +10

1. Socket Item Upgrade
You can upgrade 380 socket items to 400 socket items.
Once the upgrade is successful, you can acquire level +0 item that has all the luck, skill, socket slot number (number of socket slots) maintained.
When the upgrade fails, registered 380 socket item's information will stay, but Combination Note and jewel items will disappear.

2. Seed Extraction
You can extract Seed item through Set / Excellent item combination above level +4.
- Seed Extraction Combination Material: ANC Set+4+4, Excellent item+4+4, Jewel of Harmony (1), Jewel of Creation (1), Jewel of Chaos (1)

3. Combine Seed Sphere
You can craft LvL. 1 Seed Sphere item by combining Seed item and Sphere item.
Seed item's option will stay after the combination, and the option value will be added.
You can apply the option effect by equipping the Seed Sphere item on socket item.
- Seed Sphere Combination Material: Seed Item, Sphere Item, Jewel of Creation (1), Jewel of Chaos (1)

4. Seed Sphere Application
You can equip Seed Sphere item on a Socket item.
After registering the socket item and Seed Sphere item, you can select the equip location (socket slot) before combining.
- Seed Sphere Equipment Combination Material: Socket item with an empty slot, Seed Sphere, Jewel of Creation (1), Jewel of Chaos (1)

5. Unsocket Seed Sphere
You can extract the Seed Sphere item equipped in a socket item.
The selected Seed Sphere's level and option will be maintained at extraction.
- Before change: Seed Sphere item was extracted at Seed Sphere Extraction.
- After change: Seed Sphere item with maintained level and option is extracted at Seed Sphere Extraction.
- Seed Sphere Extraction Combination Material: Socket item with Seed Sphere equipped, Jewel of Guardian (1), Jewel of Harmony (5), Jewel of Chaos (5)

6. Seed Sphere Enhance
You can increase Seed Sphere item level to max level 10!
You can register the target Seed Sphere item at the main slot on the top left corner.
You can register the various Seed Sphere item which must have a the same level as main seed!
Sphere Upgrade Rune is required for optional material. Required number of Sphere Upgrade Runes will increase according to the registered Seed Sphere level.

- the socket Seed Sphere options in item must be exactly in the order shown in the table!
- if you meet the condition you get 30% socket bonus option


- Set bonus option may be unlocked with a specific combination of Seed Sphere applied to equipped items according to the table!

Element Options 4th Wings

NPC Adniel (Elbeland 40/215) or (Lorencia 140/146)

Addition Element Options 4th Wings
Wing Errtel Elemental Addition
(Rate 15-90%)
1 x 4th Wings
1 x Rank 1 Errtel +4 option (option+10 = Rate 90%)
9 x Golden Sentence
3 x Greater Spirit Stones

Level Up Element Options 4th Wings
Wing Elemental Level Up
(succeed +1)
(failure -1)
1 x 4th Wings
Elemental Rune


List of Element Options and level up chances:

Mastery Chaos Guild Charm (attribution)

  • Mastery Chaos Guild Amulet (Bound) is a non-  traded item.
  • The combination probability is reduced by 5% when the mastery weapon/armor is reinforced. 
  • This item prevents the item from disappearing in case of failure.

How to get it:

  • Ferea: Blood Angel Chaos Guild Charm Fragment
  • Nixie: Dark Angel Chaos Guild Charm Fragment
  • Swamp of Darkness: Holy Angel Chaos Guild Charm Fragment
  • Kubera Mine: Soul Chaos Guild Charm Fragment
  • Canyon Scotched: Blue Eye Chaos Guild Charm Fragment
  • Temple Arenil: Silver Heart Chaos Guild Charm Fragment


  Item name  effect
Blood Angel Chaos Combination Charm Fragment ( Bind )   Collect 5 to change to Blood Angel Chaos Guild Charm ( Bound )     
Dark Angel Chaos Combination Charm Fragment ( Bind )   5 more Collect Dark Angel chaotic combination of charm ( attributable ) to change    
Holy Angel Chaos Guild Charm Fragment ( Bind )   5 more Collecting Holly Angel chaotic combination of charm ( attributable ) to change    
Soul Chaos Guild Charm Fragment ( Bind )   Collect 5 to change to Soul Chaos Guild Charm ( Bound )    
Blue Eye Chaos Guild Charm Fragment ( Bind )   Collect 5 to change to Blue Eye Chaos Combination Charm ( Bound )    
Silver Heart Chaos Combination Charm Fragment ( Bind )   Collect 5 to change to Silver Heart Chaos Combination Charm ( Bound )    
Blood Angel Chaos Guild Charm ( Bound )  1st order Blood Angel armor  or  weapon  +10 ~ +15  reinforcement Prevent destruction when combination fails ,  combination success rate decreases by  5%          
Dark Angel Chaos Combination Amulet ( Bind )  2nd order Dark Angel armor  or  weapon  +10 ~ +15  reinforcement Prevents destruction when combination fails ,  combination success rate decreases by  5%          
Holy Angel Chaos Guild Charm ( Bound )  3rd order Holy Angel armor  or  weapon  +10 ~ +15  reinforcement Prevent disappearance when combination fails ,  combination success rate decreases by  5%          
Soul Chaos Guild Charm ( Bind )  4 degree Soul armor  or  weapon  +10 to +15  strengthen union failed when destroyed to prevent ,  combining the success probability of  a 5%  reduction         
Blue Eye Chaos Combination Charm ( Bound )  5th order Blue-Eye armor  or  weapon  +10 ~ +15  reinforcement Prevents destruction when combination fails ,  combination success rate decreases by  5%          
Silver Heart Chaos Guild Charm ( Bound )  6th order Silver Heart armor  or  weapon  +10 ~ +15  enhancement Prevents destruction when combination fails ,  combination success rate decreases by  5%          

Wings of Power can equip each character after 4th quest



Minimum level requirements: 1200

Wings of Power options:
Increase DMG by 73% (3% more than 4th wings)
Increase Absorb by 76% (3% more than 4th wings)

Wings of Power can be obtained from Moss
1x 4th Rune Wizard Wing
1x 4th Rage Fighter Cloak
15x 5th Wings Material (Obtained from slaying Underground Dread King)
Jewel of Bless 50x
Jewel of Soul 50x