Season 17

Season 17 Part1-1 Play Improvements

A. Play Improvements
1. Added NPC shop sales tab
  1) NPC Shop Sales tab is added.
    (1) A tab is displayed at the top of the NPC shop window, and  if you click a tab, items sold in the tab are displayed.
2. Event Inventory Shortcuts
  1) A shortcut to open the event inventory window has been added.
    (1) Shortcut key: Ctrl + V
    (2) You can open and close the event inventory window through the shortcut key.
3. Add Mu helper settings
  1) Mu helper settings for some classes are added.
    (1) Buff registration slot added (Fairy, Mage: Lemuria)
      ① One slot for registering buff skills is added.
      ※ Existing 3 slots -> Changed to 4 slots
    (2) Buff range setting added (Warlock, Fairy, White Mage: Kundun, Mage: Lemuria)
      ① A setting window where you can set the range of use of the buff skill is added.
      ② Settings can be made in the 'Party support detailed option setting UI window'.
        A) Click the gear-shaped button to the right of 'Party Support' in the Mu Helper window to open the detailed options window.
      ③ If you set the buff range,  party members can use the buff skill only when they are within the set range.